Web Presence

FULLPERSPECTIVEPHOTOS.COM:  Let’s face it, this is my home on the web. I try to make this the center of internet universe.

FULLPERSPECTIVEPHOTOS.SMUGMUG.COM: This is where all the commerce happens. If you’re looking to buy a print from me, this is the place to buy it. They have great customer service, btw. I use BayPhoto for my printing lab. Their customer service is AMAZING.

Google+: This is where I’ve connected with photographers in the most real ways. I’ve gotten the best feedback here. The best advice has come from here. I love Google Plus for this.

Facebook: This is a great place where I get to connect with people who aren’t photographers as well as some that are. Let’s face it, with billions of people on Facebook, it’s a place I can’t ignore!

Flickr: This was my first home for photography. They have tons of storage. They still provide a great place to post photos. Their mobile app has been beefed up to improve social aspects of this great photo sharing venue.

Twitter, @adamddooley : What I’m about to do. There is some personal tweets, but I’m planning on making this focused on what I’m about to do. My plans for the near future. It’s important that other people know what I’m about to do especially if I’m out shooting on my own.

Instagram, @adamddooley: Instagram is about to become as irreplaceable as Facebook when it comes to photography. It is definitely the place for the younger generation comes to look for pictures. There is some amazing visual story telling there. And there is some really good inspiration, too.

Viewbug: I have only started with Viewbug. I am really beginning to like their rating system and their contests. I hope to make a good run there.

National Geographic Yourshot: Let’s face it, National Geographic has been THE standard for great journalistic photography for perhaps a century.  They aren’t as active as some other places in terms of pure numbers of people, but they are a vibrant community, nevertheless.

Ello: This is an online community that isn’t completely open to everyone yet. It is a community designed by artists and made for artists.  It might turn into something, but we’ll see.


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