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Where my photography began.

This picture below is where it started for me. 11 months ago I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Muir Woods, LA, the Grand Canyon, and then headed home.

This is a picture of Fairy Falls. I had THAT CAMERA (a P&S Nikon P510 w/42x zoom lens). The woman in the photo left the scene not long after taking the picture and I had the entire area to myself. I took my time. There was no rush. My vacation just began!

This photo is a fresh reprocessing of a three shot bracket I took at the time. I didn’t even know how to process HDR at the time! I just knew I needed a bracket of photos! (Full disclosure, some days I still feel like I don’t know how to process HDR.)

Fairy Falls The first time

Ever since then I hadn’t stopped learning. But there’s so much more to learn. I’m really just at the beginning of this journey.

But at the time of taking this photo I do remember remarking to myself how the sun at about the time of the Summer Solstice would rise far enough north (I hope!) to light the falls directly. So far I still think I’m right. Google Earth and other tools make me think I might be right. But there aren’t many photographs of this fall at opportunistic moments.

It’s time I find out how much I really have learned about this photography thing! On Sunday morning I’ll be there.

It’s the start of a two week vacation. It will be awesome!

This also means that starting Friday, updates will be spars as I will be traveling and in very wi-fi unfriendly places.

Chicago Comes out for Memorial Day Weekend

I just love how this city comes out for the unofficial start to summer!

Yesterday, I came down to the city on the Metra and walked from the train station to the Oak Street Beach, down to the Buckingham Fountain, and back to the train station. ¬†Just a few miles. ūüôā

Here was the view of the city from Oak street Beach:

Chicago Does Memorial Day


This is typical of Chicago when the summer comes around. So many people find a way to get out and enjoy it.  A few reasons why I like this photo: Aside from the iconic skyline view, you have a lot of people jogging and walking on the bike path / pedway.  But you also have a very pretty girl walking with some of her male friends. And in the background, you can see a guy with his head turned around way to much to get a glimpse of her!

Ok, a few other notes about the day. I had an old laptop bag that was too small for my previous laptop but not for my current laptop. I found that it also holds my sort of small camera bag perfectly! I don’t think I’ll need another bag for Yellowstone! (yay!)

Other photographic notes: I used my 20mm prime lens and this was a vertorama of three images. Processing was done in Photoshop and lightroom. I did adjust for perspective lines using Camera Raw.