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Looking UP

During the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk, I was hanging out by the bridge intersection of Wells and Upper Wacker Drive in Chicago. This is a favorite location of mine to shoot in. This location collects so many people going to and from wherever they go. Plus the bridge has pleasant curves and interesting compositions with the city. In this moment, this woman took a moment to look up and I took a picture.

At the corner of Wells and Wacker, look up.
At the corner of Wells and Wacker, look up.

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October 2015 – NEW STUFF!

Something awesome happened for me this month. I got a new full frame camera! This was actually quite unexpected but, I plan to make full use of this unexpected boost to my photography.

Since, I already have the Sony NEX-7 and I have been a fan of mirrorless technology. Also, since I have never shot with a DSLR, I am staying mirrorless. The NEX-7 is an APSC sensor camera, which means it uses smaller lenses but also collects less light. Since I really wanted a full frame camera there was only one game in town to shoot mirrorless and to go full frame. That was the Sony A7 series of cameras.

I purchased the Sony A7II from Sony’s refurbish store, Secondipity. Let me tell you, this camera so far feels 100% NEW. I have no problems with it at all. It was a 25% savings over new retail.

This camera has in body stabilization that is making steady shots at longer shutter speeds possible. My ability to shoot at night, hand held has gone up by about 4 – 6 stops of light when you combine the larger sensor with the steadiness of the camera. What does this mean? 4 stops means a shot that would ordinarily take 1/400th of a second, I can use a cleaner ISO and shoot as slow as 1/25th of a second.

I also purchased my first super wide lens! I was aching for a super wide lens ever since I rented a wide angle lens for a national park vacation in 2014.

I hope you like this month’s selections. I know that last month I had a large amount of pictures. This month I’m keeping it down to 12 images. I hope to keep a similar limit from here on out.

The beginning of October saw the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk led by Teresa Peek and then the next weekend was the Open House Chicago 2015 extravaganza.

I have to get around to writing some posts about the people I’ve met over the last few months. It’s been very gratifying to meet so many skilled photographers and wonderful people.


September 2015

September was a relatively full month for me. I have been out and about quite a bit!  As a result, I have a number of photos to share in this post. Why was I late to getting this up? Well, to be honest I’ve been not feeling well and I’ve had some other issues I had to deal with my home. And with the last weekend of the month I shot over 2000 images. You’ll see why towards the end of the page! 🙂

Here are my photos from the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, IL.


This gallery is part of my Chicago77 project. This is from the Avondale neighborhood. To me, the neighborhood is a pretty tough neighborhood. That isn’t to say that it’s a bad neighborhood, but that it’s character was tough. It does have one gleaming bright spot, the St. Hyacinth Basilica. I would encourage everyone to go and see it.


September 19, I went to see the bridges come up to allow the sail boats off the lake. Chicago has more bascule type bridges than anywhere in the world. The new river-walk gives new perspectives on this event, too.


On September 20th, it was the last weekend day before the Equinox. I knew I had to take a chance at getting what I could out of Chicagohenge where the sun sets on the east-west streets. Since it was a few days early, I knew the sun would cross the street a few degrees in the air before actually setting. This made for a great chance to get closer to the elevated line than I did last year.


September 26 was the 500PX world wide global photowalk. On this day I took the train into the city, walked to Millennium Park, Navy Pier, to a hotel close to the Palmer House and back to Navy Pier and then to the train station. For the first weekend of fall, it was a great day to get out and shoot and meet some fantastic photographers!


On September 27, 2015 there was this event called the Full Moon Fire Jam and it took place during a supermoon that was going through a lunar eclipse. I took many many images during this event!

Big John from Clark St

From Lincoln Park, looking on Big John. The lights streak by at night when you stand still.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Taken on Clark Street in Lincoln Park, Chicago. You get a great view of the John Hancock Tower.
Taken on Clark Street in Lincoln Park, Chicago. You get a great view of the John Hancock Tower.

Race of the Dead – Pilsen Street Art

Race of the Dead – Carrera De Los Muertos

I do not purport to be an expert on Mexican culture or street art. The day of the dead is a Mexican festival to celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost in the past. When Catholic Spaniards took over Mexico, this holiday was co-opted by the Catholic Church and moved to coincide with All Souls Day.

During this festivan, in the Mexican-American neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago, they have The Race of the Dead, a 5k race to promote good health.

In this picture, I took a photo of the bridge they painted with the race’s logo, and there was what looked like a family walking back from the store.

The Race of the Dead is a 5k race in the Pilsen neighborhood to promote good health. This run is held around the festival of the Day of the Dead.
The Race of the Dead is a 5k race in the Pilsen neighborhood to promote good health. This run is held around the festival of the Day of the Dead.