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Morning Flamingo

One recent morning I was in Chicago. That in and of itself is nothing special. I like to find myself there. Calder’s curved red steel is a welcome releafe amidst all the square edges of Chicago.

On another note, I’ll be shooting in the loop again this weekend. My first time back in the loop after visiting the east coast a few weeks ago.

Where are my pictures from that? Well, they’ll be a while. 🙂 I hope not too long. I’ve lately made a decision to hold back on some things so I can let my friends in The Arcanum look at my new work first. I’ve recently finished a batch and everything from before my trip has recently become fair game to post.

But, I do have more than a few photos to post in the mean time. I hope you enjoy those for now.


Calder's Flamingo in the morning. From behind it's as if the flamingo is bashfully putting it's head in the sand.
Calder’s Flamingo in the morning. From behind it’s as if the flamingo is bashfully putting it’s head in the sand.

Calder’s Reflection, Chicago.

Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago Federal Plaza is a really dynamic piece of art. In Chicago, if it weren’t for pieces like this all the harsh and imposing lines of the city would overwhelm you. But the amazing curves of the “Flamingo” with the shock of red in the midst of these black steel and glass buildings let’s you relax. Even the name of the location, Federal Plaza makes you stiffen up until you see this piece of art!

Calder's Flamingo in Chicago's Federal Plaza has a reflection in the US Post Office.
Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago’s Federal Plaza has a reflection in the US Post Office.

How did I shoot this photo? It was really formed with 7×2 HDR frames. That’s 14 frames with three photos each! (That’s 42 exposures combined.) I used Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor to stitch the photos together after I did the HDR processing in Photomatix.

How did I get rid of all the people? I waited! I was very patient this evening. Since not every shot took up the whole width of the display, it’s not as if I had to wait for everyone to be gone from the whole plaza all the time, either.

I used Photoshop and Lightroom for standard edits and corrections to paralaxing. (Paralaxing is what happens when you try to do a panorama and one item is split twice in the scene. If you put your finger in front of your face and look at it with one eye closed, and then switch eyes and the finger has a slightly different background.)

I hope you enjoy!