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Bonsai Water Drops

I have to say that when it comes to design and art the Japanese are often onto something. The Chicago Botanic Garden has many examples of Japanese horticulture but the Bonsai is special.

When the sun goes down and these displays are lit from underneath, they invite me to think of them as completely different displays and sometimes I think of them as completely different worlds. But this time it was a little rainy and that really made them special.

This Bonsai tree was lit from underneath at an outdoor display while it was raining.
This Bonsai tree was lit from underneath at an outdoor display while it was raining.

Dahlias open and Dahlias closed

I like Dahlias. They express their colors so dynamically. Pinks, reds, magentas, to a blazing yellow and orange fire deep inside the flower.

A Dahlia in bloom and another waiting it's turn to open up.

A Dahlia in bloom and another waiting it’s turn to open up.

I have to admit that I had to post this one because I saw Anna Ryndak (a Google+ Photographer) post her picture of one of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Dahlia’s and I just had to show mine, too.  This one was from a few days ago.

The Five Day Quest from G+

Today I’m copying a post I made to G+. If you don’t use G+ and you’re a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend it! In a lot of ways it’s the best place to interact with other photographers, period. It’s not the be-all-end-all of photographic social media, but it’s something you can’t do without!

Anyways, this thing called a FiveDayQuest has been running around on there and it’s been fun and popular. Here is the begining of another 5DQ!

+Mihoko Yamanashi tagged me for the FiveDayQuest. This is the second time I’ve been tagged for this. The first time was by +Lauri Novak . (See what you’ve done, Lauri?)

So, Mihoko is from Japan! I am surprised and honored to fulfill this request. And, because I’m not wanting to redo my last 5DQ, I’m thinking I’ll focus on the “Quest” aspect.

Today I finally plunked down money to become a member of the Chicago Botanic Garden! And… They have a Bonsai Display. I decided to make this photo today. Since Mihoko’s been stressed with classes and what-not, who doesn’t want flowers?

It all adds to a flowering bonsai!

Pink Bonsai Flowers

What will the ‘quest’ be for the 5 days? Well, I’ll see if I can visit the garden after work for the next 4 days. (YIKES!)

But what’s a quest that doesn’t have a bit of travel?

Who will I invite?

+Shelby Young , I tag you! If you’ve done this before, I didn’t see it. If it’s your second tag, did you see the start to this post? 🙂 Anyways, she is always up to posting something, it seems, so I doubt this would be a problem for her and it’s always good!

Shelby, the rules are simple. Start this whenever you like, it’s up to you! You need to tag the person who invited you in each post. And in each post, you need to invite a new person, too.

Btw, I’m chosing a theme because I don’t want to be bored by the quest. You don’t have to have a theme.  It’s really just supposed to be daily life, stuff. I guess it’s an unspoken rule (until now) picture taken the day it’s posted.

(I’m posting this with a little more than minutes to midnight)