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October 2015 – NEW STUFF!

Something awesome happened for me this month. I got a new full frame camera! This was actually quite unexpected but, I plan to make full use of this unexpected boost to my photography.

Since, I already have the Sony NEX-7 and I have been a fan of mirrorless technology. Also, since I have never shot with a DSLR, I am staying mirrorless. The NEX-7 is an APSC sensor camera, which means it uses smaller lenses but also collects less light. Since I really wanted a full frame camera there was only one game in town to shoot mirrorless and to go full frame. That was the Sony A7 series of cameras.

I purchased the Sony A7II from Sony’s refurbish store, Secondipity. Let me tell you, this camera so far feels 100% NEW. I have no problems with it at all. It was a 25% savings over new retail.

This camera has in body stabilization that is making steady shots at longer shutter speeds possible. My ability to shoot at night, hand held has gone up by about 4 – 6 stops of light when you combine the larger sensor with the steadiness of the camera. What does this mean? 4 stops means a shot that would ordinarily take 1/400th of a second, I can use a cleaner ISO and shoot as slow as 1/25th of a second.

I also purchased my first super wide lens! I was aching for a super wide lens ever since I rented a wide angle lens for a national park vacation in 2014.

I hope you like this month’s selections. I know that last month I had a large amount of pictures. This month I’m keeping it down to 12 images. I hope to keep a similar limit from here on out.

The beginning of October saw the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk led by Teresa Peek and then the next weekend was the Open House Chicago 2015 extravaganza.

I have to get around to writing some posts about the people I’ve met over the last few months. It’s been very gratifying to meet so many skilled photographers and wonderful people.


Art – Everywhere is a canvas, in Pilsen.

In Pilsen, street art / murals are found all over the place. This particular spot is a painted wall under the L tracks close to the 17th street station.

At this moment, there was a lot of light hitting the building I was shooting past, which was then reflected in these windows. This helped make an otherwise cool scene have some warmth. The wavy quality of the reflections I thought worked with the interesting characters painted on the walls.

Latin American art under the windows and in the shadow of the L in Pilsen, Chicago, close to 17th street.
Latin American art under the windows and in the shadow of the L in Pilsen, Chicago, close to 17th street.

Chicago Henge stretch

As the sun sets over the L tracks on Washington Street you see some people stretch their legs across the street, stretch their arms, and taking selfies and portraits.

Between L train trips, some people stretch their legs across the street, stretching their arms... and taking pictures.
Between L train trips, some people stretch their legs across the street, stretching their arms… and taking pictures.


Today I was surprised with a free ticket to the Cubs game at 3. I’m hoping there isn’t a rain delay.

Take care and have fun everyone!

Chicago Henge over the L

It was an incredibly cloudy day this first day of fall in 2014. But I could see a sliver of hope on the horizon! The streets of Chicago are supposed to line up so that on either Equinox you can see the sun set on the street. But… you never really know just how exact the streets are and just how exact the sun will set.

But boom! The sun cracked the difference between the cloud and sky and horizon within ten minutes of sunset. The brightness of the sun changed drastically in this time. It was supper hard to control the exposure for both the horizon and to make the scene visible for the people in the foreground. Some of the most dramatic and interesting stuff happened on Michigan Avenue and Washington Street.

This scene I took the fastest exposure I could muster, turned it black and white and gave you what I could of this scene. I hope you enjoy.

Chicago Henge over the L


BTW, I have several exposures and versions of this I’ll be releasing soon. 🙂