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December Photos

As December got to a start, I felt like I had to go out and shoot. I hadn’t seen the sunrise in a while. Winter performs a wonderful miracle in letting the sun come up late.

Morning in Chicago

I hadn’t done that much shooting with a tripod on my new camera so I went to one of the areas of the city made for tripod photography, the Adler Planetarium. I took a few pictures of the Chicago Skyline. I wasn’t able to stay long, so I wasn’t able to do a true bracketed shot. But this is good enough. 🙂

The skyline, contrasty and black and white:

black and white skyline
The Chicago Skyline done in a contrasty black and white fashion from the Adler Planetarium.

I highly recommend finding a group of people that meet up every month to do a local photowalk. Drink and Click is just one such group. They have a monthly theme and sponsors for prizes for the best photos of the month. This group is worldwide with chapters in every continent and many major cities. Look them up! I gave you the link.

From a “Drink and Click” outing in Chicago. December’s theme was “selfie” but… not all my pics were selfies.


After the Drink and Click event and another photowalk with Out of Chicago.com I hung around the Cloud Gate for a few images. It was a wet night in Millennium Park.

wet cloudgate at night

This next image was from the same night. I took a few shots from the lake side of the Pritzker Pavilion. I have to give props to my friend, John O’Neill who lent me his tripod bracket between shots. He’s a really smart photographer, btw. He takes his time, looks for the lines, and really makes an image.

Pritzker Night

And finally, there was Christmas. So I have a few pictures from my maternal grandmother’s tree.

OK, so that was December! I hope you enjoyed. We’ll see how 2016 turns out. I’ve got some ideas. When I really feel strong about a resolution, I don’t really talk about it. And I feel it this year. All I can say is that I’m going to work real hard on my photography!

Take Care and Have Fun this year,

Adam Dooley

Big John from Clark St

From Lincoln Park, looking on Big John. The lights streak by at night when you stand still.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Taken on Clark Street in Lincoln Park, Chicago. You get a great view of the John Hancock Tower.
Taken on Clark Street in Lincoln Park, Chicago. You get a great view of the John Hancock Tower.

Chicago Comes out for Memorial Day Weekend

I just love how this city comes out for the unofficial start to summer!

Yesterday, I came down to the city on the Metra and walked from the train station to the Oak Street Beach, down to the Buckingham Fountain, and back to the train station.  Just a few miles. 🙂

Here was the view of the city from Oak street Beach:

Chicago Does Memorial Day


This is typical of Chicago when the summer comes around. So many people find a way to get out and enjoy it.  A few reasons why I like this photo: Aside from the iconic skyline view, you have a lot of people jogging and walking on the bike path / pedway.  But you also have a very pretty girl walking with some of her male friends. And in the background, you can see a guy with his head turned around way to much to get a glimpse of her!

Ok, a few other notes about the day. I had an old laptop bag that was too small for my previous laptop but not for my current laptop. I found that it also holds my sort of small camera bag perfectly! I don’t think I’ll need another bag for Yellowstone! (yay!)

Other photographic notes: I used my 20mm prime lens and this was a vertorama of three images. Processing was done in Photoshop and lightroom. I did adjust for perspective lines using Camera Raw.