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Red Photos and Light – House Of Blues

In the House of Blues, Chicago, they have what is called The Foundation Room. It’s a place where you have to pay a membership fee for the privileged of going for a drink, eating, and so on.

They make it a super relaxing environment with side rooms that might be found in anyone’s house, except that it it isn’t. It’s the House of Blues. Everything is just cooler here.

And home is what Thanksgiving is all about, isn’t it? Where ever you are, I hope you are “home”. ┬áPray for those that need a home today, too. (The House of Blues Foundation Room is also a very spiritual place, too.)

Red Photos and light in HOB Foundation Room

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Face the Atrium by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Atrium of the Rookery Building is one of the better known architectural delights of the Chicago Area. During Open House Chicago, this place was packed on the one and only day they were open for visitors. If you ever come to Chicago and stay during the week, I highly recommend making time for this place.

The face of the atrium in the Rookery atrium in Chicago.
The face of the atrium in the Rookery atrium in Chicago.

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The Athletic Club’s Study

The study at the Athletic Club off of Michigan Ave is a warm and rich environment. I use the word rich to describe the tones of wood and leather, btw. Although… you know, it does feel rich, too.

This was one of my first tests of my new Super Wide 14mm lens from Rokinon. I was quite happy with it.

The Athletic Club in Chicago off of Michigan Avenue

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