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August 2015

This month I am showing many pictures that have been taken from the City of Chicago plus a few from elsewhere in the Midwest. Most of these pictures are basically previews that I have yet to finish off before I put them up in the rest of social media. ūüôā

This is kind of interesting to look at this month. And I like the idea of doing a monthly recap of what I’ve done . And, I think I can feel the growth here, too. I’ve had my first experiment with textures. I think I’m finally starting to understand how to compose curving features in camera, too.¬† I met a world famous photographer, and I also met a pioneer in pinhole photography from Columbia University. She encouraged me to do something I thought was stupid. Have you ever seen someone holding up their hands in the shape of a window to look through? Well, if you do this to get a similar field of view as your lens of choice, it’s actually a good exercise!

I toured Little Italy in Chicago as part of my quest to photograph every official neighborhood of Chicago. This is a relatively new quest, btw. Little Italy is a nice neighborhood that includes the University of Illinois at Chicago. But there are some sobering sights, which I have included.

This gallery is from the beginning of August when I spent a day in the Loop.

Throughout this month I will rework some of these pictures. So, I will produce separate blog posts for each final rework I do.

Thanks for viewing my photos.

Just keep trying and see you next time!

The first weekend of the month in Chicago’s Loop.

This gallery is the Trey Ratcliff Photowalk in Chicago. It was really cool and the weather was perfect.


My Non Chicago Pictures for the month!

My last weekend in Chicago in August 2015. The first half of these photos are from my photo walk through Little Italy.


Dead trees of Angel Terrace

The lower terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs in
Yellowstone are pretty interesting. It’s a region with
stepping levels of limestone formed by the hot springs
that flow out. And, if there is a tree in it’s way,
the tree will ultimately be surrounded and starved by
the mineral deposits. It makes for an extremely
contrasty sight! But, thanks to modern camera sensors,
I’m able to bring back the color to this image.

In Angel Terrace of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park, you see these wide spaces that have consumed trees with the minerals of hotsprings that have flowed intermitently over the last several decades.
In Angel Terrace of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park, you see these wide spaces that have consumed trees with the minerals of hotsprings that have flowed intermitently over the last several decades.

The Grand Tetons Revealed

With landscape photos, you sometimes have to deal with what you are dealt with. On this day, it started with fog and lots of clouds. As the day wore on, the clouds were slowly breaking up and you had a trickle of moments like this where the Tetons said, “Hello!” before hiding behind another cloud.

But when they come out and say hi it is amazing and a treat!

Grand Tetons revealed

Like many of my photos, I was prepared to process this in HDR, but a single still did the trick image. Not too much processing. Just enhancing what was already there. ¬†If you click on the photo, you’ll go to my fullperspectivephotos.smugmug.com¬†page where you can view up to the full size of the photo.

Chicago Botanic Garden Sunset: The Lawn Party

Chicago Botanic Garden Sunset : The lawn party

Mihoko Yamanashi¬†invited me to run the¬†fivedayquest¬†again. And I accepted. This time I’ve decided to run to the Chicago Botanic Garden for each of these days after work, take photos, process them, and post them.

Botanic Garden Sunset

I turn in my assignments late. Always have. My teachers in high school failed.

Karina Kaefer¬†, I CHOOSE YOU! You are invited to the 5 day quest. I hope you understand this. But since I saw your stream has a lot of flowers in it and I’m going to a botanic garden a lot lately, you, get the invite.

The fivedayquest is simple. You must use the tag, fivedayquest , and you must also tag the person who invited you. You can start whenever you feel like. You post for five days. And each day you invite someone new. That is all.

Lauri Novak¬†you’re not invited to do the quest again, you’re popular enough. And you’re actually on your way to Germany by now, but really, you need to go to the¬†Chicago Botanic Garden¬†.

Willow Tree in Light

 took this picture walking around a park district lake in Vernon Hills, IL. I must have ridden my bike around this little lake at least a thousand times (maybe ten thousand!). 

It’s funny how things change. I didn’t really appreciate a tree like I do now.¬†

Willow in sunlight

I’m changing a little bit right now. I’m moving on Thursday to a new apartment. I bought a new laptop that will arrive tomorrow. I’m gearing up for an awesome vacation through the national parks in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.¬†

Anyways, I know I haven’t been posting that much but the new laptop will cure that. I have another project I’m looking to start too.¬†

Easter Morning Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Happy Easter!

This is one of those mornings you HAVE to go to church.  This includes many people that ONLY go twice a year. That means the churches will be packed. This means getting up early. Well, if I was getting up early, then I might as well get up earlier than that to get an sunrise on Easter!

By the time I got in the car, my options had already removed getting to downtown Chicago for sunrise at 6:04 AM. Evanston was also out of bounds. I didn’t want to go north to Waukegan, so I chanced something out by Glencoe.

I don’t know Glencoe all that well. Thankfully, they have a public beach that was open! Thankfully, I also have an Android phone with google maps to help me find it!

Easter morning in the Chicago Area (Glencoe, IL). Today is a new beginning.
Easter morning in the Chicago Area (Glencoe, IL). Today is a new beginning.

Processing wise, all I used was Adobe Lightroom! Some graduated filters here and there, a little bit of brushing this and that, and a few healing brush clicks and I was pretty happy with it. I hope you are too!

Almost Sunset in Chicago

This was taken as I was leaving the Museum Campus downtown and walking into the University Campus of Chicago’s South Loop.

Almost Sunset in Chicago

Almost Sunset in Chicago

With this photo, I processed just a single frame in aperture priority mode at 0 EV with f8 and ISO100. I played with the color values and adjusted the tone. I was prepared to process this with HDR techniques, but I don’t think I needed to.

Equitable Building, Chicago

Here is the Equitable Building from Chicago. This was shot on the day of the Greening of the Chicago River. I was out shooting with a group called Drink and Click Chicago. It’s a lot of fun to shoot with this group. The theme of the day was Depth of Field. I’ll wait to display some more of those till later.

Equitable Building HDR

The thing about some Chicago skyscrapers is that they were boring. Steele and glass in a predictable grid on four sides with a flat roof. With this one I shot a three shot bracket for HDR processing. Once I got it into Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, I was able to bring out some of the colors and present the clouds in an as interesting way as I could.

I hope you enjoy this one!