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August 2015

This month I am showing many pictures that have been taken from the City of Chicago plus a few from elsewhere in the Midwest. Most of these pictures are basically previews that I have yet to finish off before I put them up in the rest of social media. 🙂

This is kind of interesting to look at this month. And I like the idea of doing a monthly recap of what I’ve done . And, I think I can feel the growth here, too. I’ve had my first experiment with textures. I think I’m finally starting to understand how to compose curving features in camera, too.  I met a world famous photographer, and I also met a pioneer in pinhole photography from Columbia University. She encouraged me to do something I thought was stupid. Have you ever seen someone holding up their hands in the shape of a window to look through? Well, if you do this to get a similar field of view as your lens of choice, it’s actually a good exercise!

I toured Little Italy in Chicago as part of my quest to photograph every official neighborhood of Chicago. This is a relatively new quest, btw. Little Italy is a nice neighborhood that includes the University of Illinois at Chicago. But there are some sobering sights, which I have included.

This gallery is from the beginning of August when I spent a day in the Loop.

Throughout this month I will rework some of these pictures. So, I will produce separate blog posts for each final rework I do.

Thanks for viewing my photos.

Just keep trying and see you next time!

The first weekend of the month in Chicago’s Loop.

This gallery is the Trey Ratcliff Photowalk in Chicago. It was really cool and the weather was perfect.


My Non Chicago Pictures for the month!

My last weekend in Chicago in August 2015. The first half of these photos are from my photo walk through Little Italy.


Chicago’s Skyline in oils

Today I wanted to do an altered repost of a recent photo I did of the Chicago Skyline. The wavy effects of the reflection on water was so strong that I just had to attempt something that would soften the normally hard lines of Chicago’s skyline. Thankfully Photoshop has an oils filter that allows me to give an effect like it’s been painted with a brush! I think this looks pretty good, but you tell me!

You might need to click on the photo and view the version I have on http://fullperspectivephotos.smugmug.com to get a truely good feel for the effect!

Yes, this one has a Photoshop filter on top that gives an oil painting effect on the light. This was inspired by the water's own patterns!
Yes, this one has a Photoshop filter on top that gives an oil painting effect on the light. This was inspired by the water’s own patterns!

Liquid Light and Night

The Chicago Skyline is always such a joy to see especially from Solidarity Drive close to the Shed Aquarium and the Planetarium. It is even better at night! Lake Michigan, now that it isn’t frozen, has such a nice calming sound of waves. The boats have almost all gone back to their harbors. There are a few remaining people milling about, taking pictures of their own and soaking it in. The skyline is just as much about Lake Michigan as it is about the skyscrapers.

For this photo, I was prepared to do this as an HDR photo, but instead I opted for the over exposed image. There’s something awesome about the lights shining off of Lake Michigan. I was inspired so much by it that I’ll have a follow up image a little next week that one will be much more impressionistic.

A long Exposure of Chicago's skyline off of Lake Michigan at night.
A long Exposure of Chicago’s skyline off of Lake Michigan at night.