My License

As of November 3, 2015, I am changing my general license to all rights reserved. If you wish to use my photos for any purpose, please contact me.  Of course, I may post an image with a different copyright from time to time.

Why am I doing this? Well, I feel that with my recent equipment upgrades, my photography will take a different direction and I want to protect the direction I will be going in. I don’t want this to sound pretentious or self serving, but I think my work will become more valuable. Further, I may start posting more street photography in the future. The people who wind up in my street photos need to be protected weather they ask for it or not.

Below is what I used before November 3, 2015.

Here’s a little bit about how I license my work. I license it under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. I understand that in order for people to see my work, I have to put it out on the Internet.  I also understand that people need to be able to share my work in order for someone to be motivated enough to BUY my work for commercial purposes. However, I try to not put my original high res files out there for anyone and everyone to download and do what they want.

Let me also clear up what is “Non Commercial” because I think some people get that confused. It might be better said, “Non Personal” use. If you are a non-profit organization and you want to use my image, to display in your organization, that is considered commercial. If you are a government of any kind, and you want to use my work, that is commercial. This includes but isn’t limited to library districts, public transit, or other municipality organizations that aren’t connected directly to a city / village / town / state, etc government. Obviously, if you are a business and you want to display it in your place of business, that is also commercial.

The following is a copy and paste of the explanation from

Under the following terms:

If you have further questions, please contact me.

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