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Chasing the Sunset

Here is another photo of when I went to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin. The sun was making it’s last goodbye and people were getting the message that it was probably time to leave the ice. These people were running so fast that in my bracket of photos I took, this was the only frame their silhouettes appeared in.

Chasing the sunset


I learned quite a bit from being up there. I hope we are lucky enough next winter, but something tells me that it won’t happen again for a while.

Chicago waves on Valentines Day!

So, this is what I do during Valentines Day. Oh? Was it cold? Yep. Was the wind whipping past 30 mph? yep. Could the waves kill you if you slip into the lake? You betchya! So, I figured it was just the thing to go and take a picture of before sunset.

Basically, I knew that the wind was really strong and usually when that happens there are strong waves somewhere along the Chicago shoreline. I wasn’t sure though if the waves would be in action or where they would be in action. I asked a friend on Facebook who was down by the Shedd Aquarium and the waves looked pretty calm.  This helped me stay by Lincoln Park where this picture was taken. More specifically it was between Fullerton and North Avenue.

waves and ice in Chicago

I’m not sure if they allow people to be there, btw. Not that anyone complained, but as I mentioned at the top of the blog, it is NOT SAFE! Please be careful when going out in such conditions. The water freezes on contact when it lands. If you get yourself wet, DO NOT WASTE TIME! Get yourself somewhere safe as soon as possible and change your clothes if possible.  There was not a part of my body besides my face that had less than three layers of clothing. Do not mess around in dangerous conditions.

Water Fountain Sunset

fivedayquest  DAY 5. Invited by Mihoko Yamanashi .

This is my last one of the 5 day set. What better ending than a sunset? The clouds really came out. A few days ago I questioned if I’d get one last good day in this set. But this was it!

I also briefly met Anna Ryndak there. I have to admit, I thought I was going to leave right after running into her but then I saw this post-sunset blaze in the sky and new I had to take one last try!

, 20140612, DSC02034_5_6

The Chicago Botanic Garden really puts on a good display. And over these 5 days, I saw a lot of flowers come to an end and a few new ones begin. It’s constant change over there. Just because you went yesterday, doesn’t mean you’ll see the same thing today!

Who do I chose? I already mentioned her. Anna Ryndak , since I met you at the garden, you’re it! It’s always fun to meet another G+’er! Remember, just use the tag, fivedayquest  , tag me, invite a new person every day for five days.

now for a few tags of my own:

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Chicago Botanic Garden Sunset: The Lawn Party

Chicago Botanic Garden Sunset : The lawn party

Mihoko Yamanashi invited me to run the fivedayquest again. And I accepted. This time I’ve decided to run to the Chicago Botanic Garden for each of these days after work, take photos, process them, and post them.

Botanic Garden Sunset

I turn in my assignments late. Always have. My teachers in high school failed.

Karina Kaefer , I CHOOSE YOU! You are invited to the 5 day quest. I hope you understand this. But since I saw your stream has a lot of flowers in it and I’m going to a botanic garden a lot lately, you, get the invite.

The fivedayquest is simple. You must use the tag, fivedayquest , and you must also tag the person who invited you. You can start whenever you feel like. You post for five days. And each day you invite someone new. That is all.

Lauri Novak you’re not invited to do the quest again, you’re popular enough. And you’re actually on your way to Germany by now, but really, you need to go to the Chicago Botanic Garden .

The Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, IL

Spring in Chicago is so unpredictable! Today it is snowing. I took this photo of the Bahai Temple last week, a day before it was solidly in the 80s! It was a nice day, regardless.

The Baha’i have an interesting take on religion. They use input from many faiths. You might even be able to view some of this on the ediface of the temple you see here.  There are only seven of these in the world and this is the only one in North America. So if you are in Chicago, take a drive north to Wilmette via Sheridan Road. You can’t miss it!


This is a three photo high vertical panorama of the Baha'i Temple in WIlmette, IL. This is the view of the front entrance at sunset. It is a beautiful temple and well worth a visit.
This is a three photo high vertical panorama of the Baha’i Temple in WIlmette, IL. This is the view of the front entrance at sunset. It is a beautiful temple and well worth a visit.

One other note, I’ve been really sporatic lately because I did move! My internet connection is going to be restored this weekend. I will hopefully be up to full speed starting tomorrow night! In the last two weeks, I’ve added a lot to my photographic tech and this is the last step to make it all work. Here are all the ‘new’ items. A new lens (50mm f1.8), a new computer (i7 w/solid state and nvidia graphics), a new IPS monitor, a new home, and new desk. Now that I put it all down… wow, it’s a big change!

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Almost Sunset in Chicago

This was taken as I was leaving the Museum Campus downtown and walking into the University Campus of Chicago’s South Loop.

Almost Sunset in Chicago

Almost Sunset in Chicago

With this photo, I processed just a single frame in aperture priority mode at 0 EV with f8 and ISO100. I played with the color values and adjusted the tone. I was prepared to process this with HDR techniques, but I don’t think I needed to.