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Grand Tetons

In the middle of the day from the north end of the range. I spent two nights in the Tetons this summer. The first night, the clouds were good and thick. There were also good and thick in the morning, but I did get a rainbow. I was headed back to my campsite for the afternoon because I was up since 4 am. But as I got back I saw that the clouds were beginning to break up and become more interesting.

Grand Tetons

North Window Arch (My gateway to The Arcanum)

This is another photo that I had redone after getting more knowledge from The Arcanum. This is a recent photo. In fact, I had taken this photo ONE DAY before I got the e-mail telling me that my mentor / master, had chosen me. It was also among the first photos I processed from my vacation. I was very excited to have this photo when I first posted it. I still am proud of the photo. But I know that I would have been far more effective taking another photo like this in the future!


At the intersection of stone, horizon, sky, and sunrise: The North Window Arch at Arches National Park
At the intersection of stone, horizon, sky, and sunrise: The North Window Arch at Arches National Park

What did I do differently? Well, in the original, the sky was getting a tonal shift. In this one, the sky is much smoother. The rest is finer detail work that increased the detail of the stones. I can honestly say it is an improvement! 

Arlington Heights “Irish Fest”

The Mike and Joe Band

In Arlington Heights, IL, we have an Irish Fest every year. It’s a festival to help the local history museum. All the usual suspects come out for such a thing to sell stuff, art, food and beer all with heavy Irish leanings, or course. But I’d never taken photos of a band before and this was a good time to do that.

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I have to say I’ve been a little pre-occupied lately. My art has been getting a lot to think through, improve, and hopefully change for the better. I’ve recently become an “apprentice” with The Arcanum. This isn’t an apprenticeship like you hear about. I’m not doing some other photographer’s crap work.

I’m a student. I study under a master who has 19 other students. The students form a cohort. Together we have an opportunity to discus each other’s work, learn from others, and grow in our art of photography. We get assignments from our master. These five photos I’m sharing was “Never Done Before”.  They aren’t the best band photos in the world, but they aren’t terrible in my humble opinion, either.

I don’t think I would have tried it without the nudge from the master. It’s sort of on the edge of what my camera and lens can do. I used my fastest lens and kept the exposure 1 stop under to keep the shutter fast without cranking up the noise to unacceptable levels.

The band sounded great, though. They weren’t ‘noise’. 🙂