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His Profile…

So, I don’t typically post pictures of people. But over the last year I’ve been trying to improve all of my photography, not just ¬†cityscapes, landscapes, and street photos. But people are beginning to like my photos so much that they are comfortable suggesting to others that I do some of their photos, too. This is an organic development. I’m not quitting my job any time soon, either. Would I like to quit my day job and make a living with photography? You bet!

But over the next week or so, I’ll blog some of these photos that I put on my portfolio page. If more people do become interested in wanting my help with photos, I want them to have an honest idea of my skill and ability. I don’t think I’m a slouch, but I’m not a person who charges $10,000 for a photo session, either. I’m just beginning my photography road.

The photo:

My little brother is an HR trainer by day and an actor by night. He’s really good at acting by the way. He’s currently an understudy at The Artistic Home¬†and currently working on Watch on the Rhine. At a recent wedding one of our cousins got married and he was sitting there paying attention to the ceremony. I decided to process almost all of those photos in black and white. His profile worked nicely here.

headshot profile
headshot profile

There was a nice light catching the front of his face from forehead to chin and the light coming from the side (that means, coming from my direction) was relatively soft and bright. Hey, the bride and groom paid for a photographer, and I was halfway back. So I’ll take my shots as I get them! Besides, he has been asking me to do new head shots for him. But we keep missing each other. Not a lot of time in the day, evidently. So I take my shots when I can.

I maintain full copyright for this photo.