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Grand Tetons

In the middle of the day from the north end of the range. I spent two nights in the Tetons this summer. The first night, the clouds were good and thick. There were also good and thick in the morning, but I did get a rainbow. I was headed back to my campsite for the afternoon because I was up since 4 am. But as I got back I saw that the clouds were beginning to break up and become more interesting.

Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons Revealed

With landscape photos, you sometimes have to deal with what you are dealt with. On this day, it started with fog and lots of clouds. As the day wore on, the clouds were slowly breaking up and you had a trickle of moments like this where the Tetons said, “Hello!” before hiding behind another cloud.

But when they come out and say hi it is amazing and a treat!

Grand Tetons revealed

Like many of my photos, I was prepared to process this in HDR, but a single still did the trick image. Not too much processing. Just enhancing what was already there.  If you click on the photo, you’ll go to my page where you can view up to the full size of the photo.