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Face the Atrium by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Atrium of the Rookery Building is one of the better known architectural delights of the Chicago Area. During Open House Chicago, this place was packed on the one and only day they were open for visitors. If you ever come to Chicago and stay during the week, I highly recommend making time for this place.

The face of the atrium in the Rookery atrium in Chicago.
The face of the atrium in the Rookery atrium in Chicago.

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The Athletic Club’s Study

The study at the Athletic Club off of Michigan Ave is a warm and rich environment. I use the word rich to describe the tones of wood and leather, btw. Although… you know, it does feel rich, too.

This was one of my first tests of my new Super Wide 14mm lens from Rokinon. I was quite happy with it.

The Athletic Club in Chicago off of Michigan Avenue

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August 2015

This month I am showing many pictures that have been taken from the City of Chicago plus a few from elsewhere in the Midwest. Most of these pictures are basically previews that I have yet to finish off before I put them up in the rest of social media. 🙂

This is kind of interesting to look at this month. And I like the idea of doing a monthly recap of what I’ve done . And, I think I can feel the growth here, too. I’ve had my first experiment with textures. I think I’m finally starting to understand how to compose curving features in camera, too.  I met a world famous photographer, and I also met a pioneer in pinhole photography from Columbia University. She encouraged me to do something I thought was stupid. Have you ever seen someone holding up their hands in the shape of a window to look through? Well, if you do this to get a similar field of view as your lens of choice, it’s actually a good exercise!

I toured Little Italy in Chicago as part of my quest to photograph every official neighborhood of Chicago. This is a relatively new quest, btw. Little Italy is a nice neighborhood that includes the University of Illinois at Chicago. But there are some sobering sights, which I have included.

This gallery is from the beginning of August when I spent a day in the Loop.

Throughout this month I will rework some of these pictures. So, I will produce separate blog posts for each final rework I do.

Thanks for viewing my photos.

Just keep trying and see you next time!

The first weekend of the month in Chicago’s Loop.

This gallery is the Trey Ratcliff Photowalk in Chicago. It was really cool and the weather was perfect.


My Non Chicago Pictures for the month!

My last weekend in Chicago in August 2015. The first half of these photos are from my photo walk through Little Italy.


Chicago Henge stretch

As the sun sets over the L tracks on Washington Street you see some people stretch their legs across the street, stretch their arms, and taking selfies and portraits.

Between L train trips, some people stretch their legs across the street, stretching their arms... and taking pictures.
Between L train trips, some people stretch their legs across the street, stretching their arms… and taking pictures.


Today I was surprised with a free ticket to the Cubs game at 3. I’m hoping there isn’t a rain delay.

Take care and have fun everyone!

Morning Flamingo

One recent morning I was in Chicago. That in and of itself is nothing special. I like to find myself there. Calder’s curved red steel is a welcome releafe amidst all the square edges of Chicago.

On another note, I’ll be shooting in the loop again this weekend. My first time back in the loop after visiting the east coast a few weeks ago.

Where are my pictures from that? Well, they’ll be a while. 🙂 I hope not too long. I’ve lately made a decision to hold back on some things so I can let my friends in The Arcanum look at my new work first. I’ve recently finished a batch and everything from before my trip has recently become fair game to post.

But, I do have more than a few photos to post in the mean time. I hope you enjoy those for now.


Calder's Flamingo in the morning. From behind it's as if the flamingo is bashfully putting it's head in the sand.
Calder’s Flamingo in the morning. From behind it’s as if the flamingo is bashfully putting it’s head in the sand.

Calder’s Reflection, Chicago.

Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago Federal Plaza is a really dynamic piece of art. In Chicago, if it weren’t for pieces like this all the harsh and imposing lines of the city would overwhelm you. But the amazing curves of the “Flamingo” with the shock of red in the midst of these black steel and glass buildings let’s you relax. Even the name of the location, Federal Plaza makes you stiffen up until you see this piece of art!

Calder's Flamingo in Chicago's Federal Plaza has a reflection in the US Post Office.
Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago’s Federal Plaza has a reflection in the US Post Office.

How did I shoot this photo? It was really formed with 7×2 HDR frames. That’s 14 frames with three photos each! (That’s 42 exposures combined.) I used Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor to stitch the photos together after I did the HDR processing in Photomatix.

How did I get rid of all the people? I waited! I was very patient this evening. Since not every shot took up the whole width of the display, it’s not as if I had to wait for everyone to be gone from the whole plaza all the time, either.

I used Photoshop and Lightroom for standard edits and corrections to paralaxing. (Paralaxing is what happens when you try to do a panorama and one item is split twice in the scene. If you put your finger in front of your face and look at it with one eye closed, and then switch eyes and the finger has a slightly different background.)

I hope you enjoy!