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The Chicago Botanic Garden takes on a different flavor in the winter. Many of the soft edges and forms of plant life leave the scene and what is left is the hard edges. I really like it when some things line up, and I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of the sun coming through the sundial.

A sundial at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
A sundial at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Technical stuff: This photo was done with HDR processing because the sun is so bright. It was -4, -2, 0 were my exposure values. I used Photoshop’s HDR software. Once I turned it into a 16bit tiff, I brought it back to lightroom for some additional adjustments and cropping. But I still wasn’t happy with it. I decided to bring it into ON1’s Perfect Effects 8. The color adjustment and boarder seemed to fit this image.

Chicago Botanic Garden for more information on the garden.