Chicago Henge over the L

It was an incredibly cloudy day this first day of fall in 2014. But I could see a sliver of hope on the horizon! The streets of Chicago are supposed to line up so that on either Equinox you can see the sun set on the street. But… you never really know just how exact the streets are and just how exact the sun will set.

But boom! The sun cracked the difference between the cloud and sky and horizon within ten minutes of sunset. The brightness of the sun changed drastically in this time. It was supper hard to control the exposure for both the horizon and to make the scene visible for the people in the foreground. Some of the most dramatic and interesting stuff happened on Michigan Avenue and Washington Street.

This scene I took the fastest exposure I could muster, turned it black and white and gave you what I could of this scene. I hope you enjoy.

Chicago Henge over the L


BTW, I have several exposures and versions of this I’ll be releasing soon. 🙂

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