The Chicago L going through the near north side of city center.

The L Runs Through It

This was taken from the near north side / River North neighborhood of Chicago from on top of a parking garage. It’s basically 3 blocks north of the Chicago River and about 2 blocks east of the north branch of the Chicago River.

The L Runs through it
The “L” going through the near north side before it runs into and becomes the Chicago Loop.


When I posted this photo, I used the moment to introduce my new photography page on Facebook.  Please follow me there, too! I have to say that Facebook is an entirely different social media animal compared to all the others. The connection with Google +, WordPress, Instagram, and Flickr is so far centered on people who just love to look at photos. But even with just a few likes in, on Facebook, I can already sense that there’s just more opportunity to expand your reach to people who aren’t just trying to improve their own photography or people who aren’t that focused on art. And that’s a good thing.

Also, personal facebook pages are much more closed sharing places. But a public photography page allows me to reach more people that aren’t really interested in being my personal facebook friend. Let’s face it, I don’t want everyone’s information on my personal feed, either.


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