Bridge over the Chicago River

The Chicago River is home to more cantilever bridges than any other in the world. Far be it for Chicago to let a little river get in the way of a grid system for it’s streets.

This photo was taken before the sun was up. That’s why you see the lights on in the background. This is the Wabash Avenue bridge. I can’t really see how red it is when I’m underneath it. Of course the whole bridge is red. They are all red. But underneath, I sometimes assume that it’s black.

Bridge over the Chicago River


For this photo I actually made a panorama vertically. I struggled with doing a black and white version but when I did the black and white, I got the idea that a colored version just needed some split toning love. (Split toning is the idea where I give the bright colors particular hue and the dark colors a different hue. I don’t overdo it, just a touch is helpful most of the time.)

I hope you enjoy!

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