Inside the Fins of Arches National Park

The geology is very interesting at Arches National Park. I highly recommend watching the video in the visitors center. I will try to summarize it in three sentences. The video was like 45 minutes long. So, don’t hold me to this!

Basically, there was a big salt dome that formed under ground that pushed all the ground above it up. The dome that formed cracked and created ‘fins’ and arches. Once the salt left, the dome collapsed and the fins came back together, leaving little slits that you can sometimes walk through.

What you see here is just one such fin that you have to walk through to see the “sandstone arch”. They are all made of sandstone, btw. But this one is actually called the sandstone arch. I think this has to do with the fact that there is a lot of loose sand here.

Walking inside a 'fin' on the way to see the 'Sandstone Arch'
Walking inside a ‘fin’ on the way to see the ‘Sandstone Arch’


With this photo, I took my rented 10-18 mm lens and took a bracket. But! I found out that I didn’t really need all of them. this was taken from a single raw file.

I hope my processing is coming around. I’m sorry I haven’t posted too much lately. I usually slow down my art when I’m learning more skills. Away from photography, I’ve also been working more overtime, too.

I am hopeful to get more up soon. Tomorrow, I will actually show you the Sandstone Arch, though!

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