Water Fountain Sunset

fivedayquest  DAY 5. Invited by Mihoko Yamanashi .

This is my last one of the 5 day set. What better ending than a sunset? The clouds really came out. A few days ago I questioned if I’d get one last good day in this set. But this was it!

I also briefly met Anna Ryndak there. I have to admit, I thought I was going to leave right after running into her but then I saw this post-sunset blaze in the sky and new I had to take one last try!

, 20140612, DSC02034_5_6

The Chicago Botanic Garden really puts on a good display. And over these 5 days, I saw a lot of flowers come to an end and a few new ones begin. It’s constant change over there. Just because you went yesterday, doesn’t mean you’ll see the same thing today!

Who do I chose? I already mentioned her. Anna Ryndak , since I met you at the garden, you’re it! It’s always fun to meet another G+’er! Remember, just use the tag, fivedayquest  , tag me, invite a new person every day for five days.

now for a few tags of my own:

sunsetphotography   hdrphotography   waterfountain   photomatix   16×9

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