Ground Lit Palm Trees at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Ground Lit Palm Trees

+Chicago Botanic Garden    #fivedayquest  Day 3.

+Mihoko Yamanashi invited me to participate in this and I accepted.

Today was rainy and crappy out. Generally not ideal conditions for photography. BUT! I am going on a vacation to several National Parks starting with Yellowstone on 6-21-2014. I am fully aware of the fact that weather could be crap there too. So, I went and bought a new pair of waterproof hiking boots and a rain jacket and they both performed excellent while walking around the Botanic Garden.

So, I went through their tropical rainforest green house. And because the sky was already so dark, all the ground lights of the garden were coming out and I saw these palm trees lit. BUT I didn’t have a tripod. This was handheld. It was noisy as heck. But I felt that it was fun to look at.
Tropical Green House gound lit

For this day, I want to invite my twin brother, +Anthony Dooley . I gave him my old camera and he’s not let go of it since. It’s a point and shoot, technically speaking, but he’s got a good eye for it.

Tony, you can start this at any time. The idea is to show daily life for five days in a row. All you need to do is tag who invited you, and use the hashtag, #fivedayquest.

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