Chicago Botanic Garden: Red vs Green

The Chicago Botanic Garden, as I said yesterday, presents challenges to me. Some of these challenges are a bit more unique to me than many. One of those challenges relates to the fact that I’m red/green colorblind. As a result my eyes tend to naturally use their processing power more on shapes, movements, patterns, and luminance differences.  I do not see in black and white.

But today’s picture is an extreme example! I almost walked right past these flowers. I wasn’t impressed!

But I was walking with a relative that had retired from portraiture and she couldn’t get enough of them. These things get lost in the see of green that surrounds it. So, I tried to take a picture of them, anyway. In the back of my head, I was thinking I’ll reprocess the colors in Lightroom so I like them. I think you can see from my list above that I highlighted the shapes and patterns and luminance difference in my capture. In Lightroom, I accentuate these differences just so I can notice the differences in color. I darkened the greens and lightened the reds and pumped up the saturation on each.

Fire Engine Red

What do they look like to you? Over baked? Maybe it looks electric? Or maybe like someone went nuts with the crayons?

To me it’s just…


That’s all. Just noticeable.

Barely. (ok, maybe I’m pushing it a bit! But only a little.)

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