Carolus Linnaeus at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden presents all sorts of photographic delights and challenges. On 6-4-2014 I had visited the garden with a relative from California, Marie Dooley. She had formerly been a photographer but retired from the business of it some years back. Last year I drove out to California and visited with them and enjoyed some minor tutorial lessons she offered me. Now that she was in Chicago, I enjoyed the same from her.

But I have to say, I’m not the same apprentice I was back then! I’ve grown a lot in the craft. I won’t claim greatness, obviously, but I’ve grown.

But this photo of Carolus Linnaeus in bronze has typically been something a bit elusive for me. It’s hard for me to be satisfied with the view. He’s very interesting to see in person. But somehow to translate the experience to a photo is a bit difficult for me.

Carolus Linnaeus in giant bronze at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
Carolus Linnaeus in giant bronze at the Chicago Botanic Garden.


When I did this photo, I decided I was going to do something new: aperture stacking.

I also did this as a panorama with my 50mm lens in portrait position. It was about five photos wide with about 33% of the photo panned at each shot, and I did one exposure at f8 and another at f1.8. When I processed the photo, the dominant photo was the f/1.8 photo. I masked in the f/8 photo so that I could show the flower he was picking.

However, now that I write this, I think that the next time I shoot this bronze, I’ll attempt a 3D image. That might just get the interestingness I feel when standing there.

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