Suburban Light in Arlington Heights, IL

So much has been happening over the last few weeks!  I have finally moved and just today I re-established my internet connection. It has been too long! Today’s photo is a panorama of the fountain in Arlington Height’s downtown district. They actually have a decent night life.

But these last three weeks has not just been about moving, but also about gearing up! I’ve been wanting to commit myself more and more to photography. I’ve had some successes here and there. It feels like I’m gathering more traction and slowly coming to realize an actual style of my own.

As part of this ‘gearing up’, I purchased a lens. This is the Sony E-mount 50mm lens for my NEX-7. It has been rated as the second sharpest *native* lens for this camera. I got it used for $200. New it’s worth $350. Many have said that it’s worth hundreds more compared to its competition.

So, I went on a walk in my new home town, hoping for some interesting things. I have to say that this fountain struck me. I knew that the water would come out looking real nice with a long exposure and I don’t think that the colored lights disappointed, either.

I hope you enjoy!

Color Fountain

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