Willow Tree in Light

 took this picture walking around a park district lake in Vernon Hills, IL. I must have ridden my bike around this little lake at least a thousand times (maybe ten thousand!). 

It’s funny how things change. I didn’t really appreciate a tree like I do now. 

Willow in sunlight

I’m changing a little bit right now. I’m moving on Thursday to a new apartment. I bought a new laptop that will arrive tomorrow. I’m gearing up for an awesome vacation through the national parks in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. 

Anyways, I know I haven’t been posting that much but the new laptop will cure that. I have another project I’m looking to start too. 

Easter Morning Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Happy Easter!

This is one of those mornings you HAVE to go to church.  This includes many people that ONLY go twice a year. That means the churches will be packed. This means getting up early. Well, if I was getting up early, then I might as well get up earlier than that to get an sunrise on Easter!

By the time I got in the car, my options had already removed getting to downtown Chicago for sunrise at 6:04 AM. Evanston was also out of bounds. I didn’t want to go north to Waukegan, so I chanced something out by Glencoe.

I don’t know Glencoe all that well. Thankfully, they have a public beach that was open! Thankfully, I also have an Android phone with google maps to help me find it!

Easter morning in the Chicago Area (Glencoe, IL). Today is a new beginning.
Easter morning in the Chicago Area (Glencoe, IL). Today is a new beginning.

Processing wise, all I used was Adobe Lightroom! Some graduated filters here and there, a little bit of brushing this and that, and a few healing brush clicks and I was pretty happy with it. I hope you are too!

Rockford’s Midway Village

The city of Rockford also has a living history town like Naperville’s Naper Settlement.  I’ll post a few from this town over the next week or so.  When I was there, they didn’t have all the re-enactors there yet, that starts in May.

This photo is the blacksmith shop. I enjoyed the wood grain and general toughness shown in this building.


Good Friday and what I’ve been up to…

Well, it’s Good Friday,

So, I feel like one of my photos from a church is best for today.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I have a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost, my computer is terribly slow. I’ve been working on a way to get a new computer. My photographic ideas have been getting larger and more complex. Unfortunately, this meands my i3 processor that has a slow hard drive and intel graphics won’t cut it anymore!

I’m also shopping for a new home. I currently live in Mundelein, IL. I may be moving to Palatine, IL. This will be closer to my day job.

And, if that weren’t enough, I’m also working on starting a real estate photography business! But this requires building up my portfolio in that direction. If this works, it could mean a new life and an incredibly awesome focus in photography! Not quitting my day job yet, but it’s a start.

THE PICTURE! On Good Friday, I’m reminded of where Jesus’ story started from, the Christmas Story. This child, born of poverty settings grows to be a man with a following because he urges peace, love, and justice that results from that. If punishment comes from anyone, let it come from God. Today is the day we remember that he paid for that Gospel with his life and prepare for the day he conquers death.


The nativity at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago, IL.

Night Aqua

Couple of weeks ago, I walked around downtown and I walked past the Aqua Building. I thought it was kind of cool to play with the look of this building at night.

Night Aqua

This one was a long exposure at f/8 with 25 second exposure and 200 ISO. I used Lightroom to process into B&W and to change the perspective a bit.


I hope you enjoy!