Dawes House Dining Room

Evanston, IL

The Dawes House in Evanston is a wonderful place to visit! This is a historical landmark. The house was the previous residence of Charles Gates Dawes, former Vice President to Calvin Coolidge. He was also a general in WWI. The house was built in the Chateau style of the late 19th century. There is a lot of amazing wood work here. There are also some stuffed animal mounts in the great hall.

Charles Gates was involved in investment banking, primarily utiilities. The house was originally set up with access to gas for heating.

The picture you are about to see is of the dining room. I was very happy to get a chance to have this shot because it wasn’t a shot that most people get to take. My tour guide was able to see what I was doing with my camera. And by the time I took this shot of the dining room:

This picture was at ISO 400, f/3.5, 1/15 sec. and 18mm. When shooting into the window, the camera wanted to keep the exosure time short compared to other spots in the house. In this case, I am using the longest exposure for processing.

Once that picture was take, the tour guide showed me an old black and white that was taken from a doorway that they don’t use anymore. But it goes to the far corner of the room. By the time the tour came to an end, we circled back to the doorway and I took the following photo:

Dawes House Dinner Table

This is really two photos that I stitched in to one, panorama style. It was too hard to line myself up as a single shot because there wasn’t enough space.

The dining room with musician's balcony.
The dining room with musician’s balcony.

1600 ISO, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/10 second.

For more on this wonderful home, please visit: http://evanstonhistorycenter.org/tours.

Thank you.

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